Mild - Class I - II

Class I - (Very Easy)  Moving water; passages are clear of any major obstacles. These sections of river are relaxing and provide a nice rest between rapids to enjoy scenery. 

Class II - (Easy)  Waves are larger and rapids require some maneuvering, however, passages remain clear. Fun for the whole family. 

Roaring Fork River

North Star Preserve

Intermediate - Class III

Class III - (Moderate) Rapids are longer, and markedly more powerful. Paddlers are  required to maneuver through forceful and irregular currents, rocks and holes in the channel. Exciting and fun - note minimum age requirements.

Adventurous- Class IV

Class IV - (Adventurous) Long rapids; Rocks and powerful waves, currents and eddies require precise maneuvering. Thrill-seekers!!! 

Roaring Fork River

Arkansas River