Roaring Fork River 7/8/17, photo: Brady McNeill

After a long runoff, the river has finally slowed and cleared and the fish have returned to their usual summertime haunts. Dry flies and nymph rigs have both been productive with dry droppers being guides preferred technique. The upper river from Aspen to Woody Creek has been hit or miss recently with most of the insect activity focused downstream.

Woody Creek down through Basalt has been on fire this past week, especially during the twilight “lightning round!” Through this section expect to see strong caddis hatches, PMD’s, stoneflies and beatis, during the day. In the evening, this is the current hot spot for the renowned Green Drake hatch. Start the evening out skating caddis dries then switch to large and highly visible drake imitations from dusk till dark.

Basalt to Glenwood has also been fishing great with huge hatches of Little Yellow Sallies and Pale Morning Duns mid-day and strong caddis activity in the evening. Drakes are still present upstream of Carbondale mostly in the evening but there has been the occasional mid day hatch. The best way to fish the lower river has been by boat. Book and evening float trip for the best possible fishing experience in the next couple weeks. Make sure to get out there soon and take advantage of the excellent conditions! By the end of the month the river will warm and the fishing will get tougher.


Dries: PMD cripples #16, Ausable Wulff #16-12, Stimulators #14-10, Adams #16-14, White Wulff (low light) #12-10, Foam Caddis #14-16, H&L Variant #14-10, Yellow Sallies #18-16, Drake Cripples #10, Rusty Spinners #16, Chubby Chernobyl #10-6, Neversink Trude #14.

Nymphs: 20 Inchers #14-10, Lightning Bugs #14-18, Princes #18-14,  Pat’s #10-8, Worms, Guides Choice Hares Ear #18-14, Barr’s Emerger #16, Pheasent Tails #18-14, Swinging Caddis #14-16, Reef Worms #16-14, RS2s #22-18, Small Stoneflies #18-16, Soft Hackles #16-14.

-Conor, Lead Fly Fishing Guide